Turning your ideas into reality, with working software

Do you have a brilliant idea but are struggling to make it happen? I can help guide you from idea to end product. Lets work within your budget, split the idea into smaller tasks, ordered by priority and focus on completing the most valuable features first.

Existing projects

Do you have an existing project which was never finished and needs completing? Lets take your incomplete project, review the original outline and create a finished product which meets your business needs.

Software maintenance

Does your business rely upon software which is no longer maintained by its original authors? But needs bug fixes or new features added? Lets discuss how we can address these problems before it's too late and the software no longer provides value.

Simplify and automate your business processes

Are you tired of switching between different systems or of updating information in several different places? I can help you simplify and automate these processes and help your business run more smoothly, and efficiently.

Linux consultancy

Linux is everywhere these days; on your phone, inside your TV and lets not forgot how Linux is also powering the bulk of the internet behind the scenes.

The reliability of Linux means servers can run for years and years without even a blip, however they still need to be maintained, updated and eventually decommissioned and replaced.

I can help you:

Website development

Your website is the first place your potential customers will look for information, it's important they can find what they need quickly and easily whether from a computer or mobile device.

If your current website isn't doing your business justice lets talk and figure out how to get your website working harder for your business.

Your website should be an asset of your business.

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